When it comes to love, it knows no bounds. As long as we see the same sky, breathe the same air and step on the same planet, you and I are not impossible. Young love or with a big age difference is just a matter of mind over matter, if you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter,when it happens to you it is for you just decide to enjoy it until you come to your senses.307849_2249970722779_2394696_n


All social media is encouraging nowadays is for older guys to live a little now that they have money they can become sponsors to the young sponsees. Am not hating on the sponsors and the sponsees, this is not one of those articles. Lord knows we have enough of those. What I am bothered with though, is the thirsty, trying to fit in old individuals lusting over young girls(by young girls I mean 18 to 23) after talk with the boys and they realize they are missing out on being sponsors.

This is the worst kind of sponsor. I will call them spornfisi. Spornfisi derived from the word sponsor and fisi is the creepy old man, with zero fashion sense, no class and is still trying to act youngish to attract young sponsees to the point of crossing the line and err on the side of creepy rather than nice guy. This guys are not even close to looking like Irvin Randle ( ps; if you don’t know who that is picture below..you can thank me later).

Irvin Randle 54 years old

When we reach adulthood, we often think that some of the pains of childhood are behind us. But, worries about how we look, the desire to be accepted, sometimes even the willingness to do something just to fit in continue to affect us whether we’re teenagers or seniors.

Taking enough of the Spornfisi abuse, I have a few pointers for you, Instead of being a creepy older guy, you need to be a confident, safe older guy. Focus more on being confident, outcome independent, non-reactive, and classy. If you think a move might be considered creepy, don’t do it, especially if you’re talking over texts, online, or in a public place, and/or if you have not established clear rapport yet. Even if you have, be careful.

You must take care of your physical appearance more than you did when you were a younger dude. Pay attention to your body, grooming, and fashion and place a higher priority on these things if dating much younger women is something you’re interested in.

And lastly stop acting youngish.

For the spornfisi that influenced this article, thank you and if you find your number blocked now you know why. Ladies do you have an experience with a spornfisi? Lets talk.





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  1. Rozzet says:

    I envy ya writing skills…great piece plus I learnt a new word…spornfisi 😊😊😊


    1. I made that up…There is no word like that


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