Hot or Not? Camo Trend

Different shades of camouflage

A friend of mine made me buy camouflage pants, and to be honest its still a trend am trying to come to terms with. Its one of those you either love it or hate it trends…and with the number of people wearing this days I guess we love it.

I for some reason find it absurd for people to be rocking clothes meant for military or hunting only, or maybe I have grown a tad bit too old. And then again is it legal for Kenyans to wear Camouflage gear when not Military?

Regardless of liking or hating it, the camo look is still quite popular and is definitely popping up in a lot of apparel this year.It  can be used as a statement piece or as lounge gear for both men and women.

Though I definitely don’t see myself joining the fuss, they are celebrities who’ve worn the camo beautifully.

Camo Jumpsuit on Rihanna
Camo Suit on Pharell
Bikini Camo suit on Paris Hilton
Camo Jacket on Jayz

What are your thoughts on the camouflage look?



One Comment Add yours

  1. TinzRant says:

    I am absolutely in love with camouflage. Just bought a new camo jacket a few days ago. Thanks for sharing the different styles. Check my post out if you get a minute 🙂


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