Real Talk : Dating 101


Common mistakes we tend to make when dating as ladies is…..drum rolls please, assumption! If you are dating him, you assume you have the same intentions just because you are on a certain level in your life and expect the same in”your relationship”.

If you see a probable future with someone, its best if you make sure your on the same level by asking the appropriate questions. Like are we in a relationship first? (You know its good to be sure with all the friends with benefits, side niggas and side chic going round) Β Are you dating anyone else? Do you see a future with me?Β Don’t just start naming your first-born just yet before you learn to communicate with him. He might not be even there yet or never be there.

And guys if you take a girl out on the first date, and you realize there is nothing there, just say so. You don’t need to take me for a second and third date acting like a gentleman and eventually end up wasting my time. This is what leads to unnecessary heart breaks.

Let’s not leave room for assumptions, games and confusion it’s just unnecessary drama that honestly I don’t think any of us need in our lives. Lets start our week with zero drama.


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  1. Rozzet says:

    #word #straighttothepoint
    Great word’s of wisdom πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  2. Josie says:



  3. Josie says:



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