Ride in the sunset

It’s atrocious that the world we live in still defines women by their relationship status. That for some reason women need to be in a relationship to be happy, or even worse, complete. And what annoys me most is how preposterous it is for a woman to not want a relationship. It will always have universal opinions of, “you’re just saying that because Mr. X broke your heart wait till you find the right one.” So maybe she will change her mind but what if there is a likelihood she doesn’t?
Even in politics women are defined by whether they can keep a happy home to define their character. You don’t see the same standards put in men. We have so many Strong, independent leaders who are being put down and disheartened by virtue of being a woman. Don’t get me wrong, love is a beautiful thing but before you decide to get on that boat and ride through the sunset, there some few pointers I should give you girl to girl.
1. Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you want in the relationship. If you expect marriage or just something casual and that is not what he wants, don’t be afraid to say exactly what you want. The rule does not just apply to the men you can stand your ground too and say I just want you to give me babies because I think you have beautiful genes. At the same time you can say I don’t want to date for fun, I expect a relationship that will lead to marriage.
2.Don’t get on that boat if a guy is not ready to accept your smart, strong, independent personality. Date someone who is ready to accept how hard you work and build you up. Not someone who is insecure in his abilities and will tear you down. Don’t be afraid to be too smart than him voice out your opinions and have a partnership not a dictatorship.

3. Ladies, if we truly want others to stop acting like our romantic lives are all that we are on this Earth for, we need to believe it ourselves and start showcasing our own self before anything else. We need to stop acting like it’s such a rare thing for a guy to find us desirable, because we all possess many wonderful and unique traits that others would be crazy not to love. Those gifted talents, our strong beliefs, that is what we should be putting out into the world, not another weekly “Man Crush Monday” post on Instagram about boyfriends. Quite frankly, a relationship is only between the two people involved and their loved ones, so it really isn’t the rest of the world’s business what goes on inside of it.
4. And most importantly let’s stop defining each other based on relationships. We can decide to put all this on the men but quite frankly we are each other’s worst enemy. Life is too short to talk about your definition of other people’s happiness. Focus that energy on making your own happiness. If you want to be a mother be the best mom. If you want to be a career woman, be the best at it. If you want to be both then be the best at both. To each their own. Define your own ride in the sunset.
“Because i’m a woman i’ll do exceptionally well in everything because when I fail they won’t say she doesn’t have what it takes they’ll say women don’t have what it takes”. Author unknown


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