Rediscovering your Self-worth



whatsapp-image-2017-03-06-at-16-35-25 In life we all have an impediment that tends to prevent our path to greatness. A voice inside your head that just won’t budge. It keeps reminding you of all your negative aspects. That voice is YOU. (This is not the part you start saying; it is my husband he is the root of all my problems, or my mother in law never sees any good in me, and the most common sheitan!!{translation: the devil!!})

A simple exercise of look in the mirror and tell me what do you see. Most women would point out a flaw.My waist is too big, I hate my smile, I wish I was slimmer, I have a pimple that just wont clear, I need to change my hair e.t.c. The undue value that society places or we place on outward appearance that we use to judge our self-worth over others are simply a product of the mind.

From such a simple exercise as hard as this is to hear, shows how we make choices in life.How you view yourself is the key to all the choices you make.


  • I should date this guy though I don’t like him I really don’t want to be the only single person in my circle of girlfriends.
  • I need a sponsor too, all my girlfriends have one and I do like nice things.
  • I have to accept his proposal, i am not getting any younger, besides he is a good guy.
  • I can’t leave him though he cheats on me, he is the father of my children.
  • I can’t leave him though he is abusive, he promises he will change.
  • I am probably going to fail as a mother so I’d rather be out of my child’s life.
  • My sisters, friends are such a success in their careers, what makes me think I can be anything like them?
  • Am not qualified enough to apply for the managerial opening
  • Or I don’t have a master’s degree
  • Or am too young to apply for that new opening in finance
  • Or I have to be employed instead of doing what I love which is baking, art, sewing or entrepreneurship.
  • This is definitely a mans world, I would never make it as an engineer, pilot, conductor or mechanic 
  • I need the money, prostitution is the only way I can feed my children.
  • I have been through so much and when I am on cocaine it numbs it all.

One thing I know about choice is that, if you’re the one that made that choice then you have the freedom to make another one.Your past does not have to define you, that isn’t who you are.And if you could see what I could see,you would stop pawning on your flaws and realize that again that is not who you are.There is always more to who you are.


I see you brave, irreplaceable, every wrong made right, unmistakable, Priceless, the ability to show love, kindness, self-confidence, honesty, self-conviction, being true to oneself, a sense of humour, affection, gratitude, oh so beautiful and so on.

Everyone is different. Figure out what you’re good at and what sets you apart from everyone else. Your mission is to create a reason for being here.


2b1bf8b64bc0573287889d862cc099b6YOU can always start again, the story continues with you..…

I challenge you to Rediscover your self-worth.

Once you know what you’re worth,

The world is your pedestal…….


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    true and touching


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