I know what you’re thinking. Why would you ask a twenty-something for advice on women? Good question. Well I’m sure you’d trust an older, wiser, 75-year-old woman: my grandma. And she always says, “Ask Fae” (That’s me.) So maybe you should.

I’m not exactly who you’d expect to turn to, considering I am the youngest in my family, but never underestimate the youngest. They’re always watching…

Observing my older siblings, aunts, and even parents make decisions everyday was like watching a lot of Reality TV – not because their behavior was so over-dramatic or ridiculous, but because I watched others’ lives play out before mine even really began. I watched my brother bravely enter high school, and my four sisters have her fun with boys & beer (yes we are a big family). I watched my parents build a successful business and my brother grow into a CEO. And I watched as my eldest sisters marriage come to an end and rekindle. I have learnt a lot on parenthood not because I have children but I have watched my sisters as they raise my ten nieces and nephews. As a family we have experienced loss of our mother, dad’s remarrying our now step mom and later on loss of our dad. So don’t sell me short just yet I could teach a thing or two on relationships, love, hatred, forgiveness and grief.

As I said, a lot was happening to everyone around me before my life even began. I took in how they made decisions and saw it as an opportunity for me to “pick and choose” what decisions I would later make (or not make). I guess learning from others successes and mistakes made me into a reliable source for my family and friends – which is why my grandma has always said “Ask Fae”.

So now I’m 26 and I seem to be the one everyone keeps turning to for advice.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, but the lessons I’ve learned (from others’ experiences as well as my own) seem to have taught me well. So ask away, my friends. I may be young, but I am also wise – according to grandma – and she’s pretty damn smart.